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Quick Tips for Keeping Your Pets Happy While You House Hunt

by Duhallow Real Estate 06/14/2021

Photo by Samson Katt from Pexels

Before finding your perfect house, you’ll undoubtedly visit at least 10 different properties for a good look around. If you’re navigating through a seller’s market, that number could increase considerably. All the while, your pet is likely waiting impatiently for things to return to normal, so they can enjoy having you home more often. Thankfully, you can make the process easier on them by using these tips to keep your pets happy while house hunting.

Wear Them Out Before You Go

A tired pet is a happy pet, so make sure to get them running and playing hard before you go. Try to get in at least 30 minutes of physical activity to wear out all their nervous energy and get them ready for a rest.

If you can incorporate fun brain games into the mix, like hide and seek, then they’ll be even more worn out by the time you’re done playing around. If you don’t have room for your pets to stretch their legs, play a little bit of fetch in the front room and roll out the puzzle games for an intense thinking session.

Hire a Trusted Pet Sitter

Most pets are not wild about being left alone for long stretches of time. They prefer a bit of company even if they are just loafing around the house. By hiring a pet sitter, you can keep them from getting lonely, while ensuring they get all their meals and potty breaks on time. You can even have the sitter take your pet on a walk around the neighborhood if you want to come home to a truly tired out pet.

Bring Home a Sweet Surprise

Pets absolutely love getting new toys and treats, so bring them home a sweet surprise after lengthy house hunting sessions. You could even stock up for future trips to avoid having to go to the pet store after every run. With that move, you’ll have a trunk full of goodies to share with your pet. If you find a house sooner than you thought, you can give them the rest as a housewarming gift.

Go on a Fun Outing When You’re Done

Although you cannot clearly explain to your pet why you’re away so much, you can make it up to them by going on a fun outing when you’re done. You could take them for a walk on a beach, go to a new park or hike through the woods for the afternoon.

Whatever you choose, make sure to bring along plenty of water and treats to keep your pet’s energy levels up while you’re out. If you want to make the trip even more memorable, stop by the pet store and let them pick out a new toy or treat.By using these tips before you head out for yet another round of open houses, your pet will look forward to your outings. You’ll notice far fewer stress signals as you get ready to go plus return to a happy pet.